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PLC Substation Fencing

PLC Fencing has extensive experience and unparalleled expertise in providing fencing for substations and other vital energy infrastructure.

We’re here to help keep the lights on. As the backbone of the energy grid, it goes without saying that substations and switchyards demand robust and dependable security and safety measures. This is not only a matter of public safety but a vital aspect in maintaining the critical supply of energy to industry and households.

We understand these projects back-to-front—it’s why PLC Fencing has been trusted to deliver fencing projects for substations all along the east coast of Australia, from Far-North Queensland, to southern New South Wales, regional Victoria, and remote central South Australia.

Our work isn’t confined to perimeter security of substations and switchyards, we’re experts at constructing and installing specialised fencing for solar farms and battery energy storage systems.

Remote locations? Difficult conditions? Constructions of enormous scale? It’s never a problem. 

We’ve got what it takes, straight up.

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